Wonderful Contemporary Landscape Design

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Contemporary Landscape Decor Ideas

Water is an important component in many contemporary landscape designs, especially when you have an element of surprise. Instead of re-creating natural currents and waterfalls, water becomes art as it is seemingly motionless in a concrete pool with angular walls or flows over a large, upright sheet of glass in a metal deposit. The soft dripping sounds that accompany contemporary water features provide a touch of serenity to the rigid architecture.

Hardscapes are non-living materials in the garden, such as sculptures, walls, sitting patios and bonfires. They take the subtle signals of nature without imitating it. To understand the shape and scope of the structural landscape in contemporary landscape design, find an image of a natural element such as a flower and zoom until you only see one or two lines of a section of flower petals. The slow and smooth curve of the petals duplicated in a metal sculpture for the patio is a nod to the flower without re-creating it. Concrete molded into a square or rectangular fire pit is softened by the dancing flames inside.

Low maintenance, unpretentious plants are better in contemporary landscape design. Instead of delicate flowers crawling through a stone wall, opt for slow-growing succulents, palms, plant coverings and evergreens. If your heart is set on deciduous trees, keep in mind the leaves on the ground in autumn and consider how the bare branches mix or contrast with the landscape in winter. Contemporary landscaping is more about the art of nature.

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