Using Contemporary Wine Rack For Storage

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Ultra Contemporary Wine Rack

Contemporary wine rack is made of a variety of robust materials, most commonly wood and metal. They have shelves or individual holders to accommodate several bottles of wine. Design shape and the number of bottles held vary. For best wine preservation, place or hang in the rack in a dimly lit room without heat and humidity. For long-term storage, the bottles lay flat horizontally so that the cork is kept moist and the taste remains intact. Moving wine bottles often adversely affect the wine’s taste. Store wine in a rack prevents disturbing a bottle to reach another.


Set up rack before you see the bottle label, the cork or both. Place the contemporary wine rack on a flat, stable surface. If it is a hanging rack, be sure it is straight and securely mounted. Check smoothness with one level. Wipe the wine bottle with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust and debris. Put the wine bottle in an empty rack space. Make sure the bottle is fully supported by the racket. Place the bottle so that the label does not scrape or touch any supporting frame. Remove the bottle when you are ready to cool or drink wine.

Tips and warnings

When storing several types of wine, organize them by color, year and country of origin. Use a room for contemporary wine rack that holds an even temperature. Do not subject wine bottles to high heat in an oven or cold in a nearby open freezer. When you get started on a wine collection, save space and money by using only as many racks as you need.

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