Splendor And Luxury Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

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Antique Crystal Chandelier

In the past you made an impression on neighbors and friends by hanging a beautiful contemporary crystal chandelier in your home. Nowadays you can also buy some more modest crystal hanging lamps, which radiate the same splendor and luxury, but appear less decadent. There are so many crystal hanging lamps available that it is often difficult to find a suitable lamp for your home. The largest counterpart of the classic lamp is the minimalist lamp.

Modest, unobtrusive, but at the same time an appropriate addition in a minimalistic design. These contemporary crystal chandelier are characterized by limited addition of crystals, but a luxurious and elegant appearance. The minimalist crystal lamp has less bling-bling and more clean lines and simplicity in the design. The modern hanging lamp hovers in terms of design between the minimalist and classic crystal lamp.

On the one hand, luxury and decadence can be radiated, but on the other hand there are also lamps that use crystals to a minimum. These contemporary crystal chandelier are mainly characterized by their use of materials: a lot of aluminum and light metals. The shapes are also characteristic: they are more creative and surprising than the classic shapes and significantly less tight and rectilinear than the minimalist lamps.

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