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Contemporary Wall Units – Office wall units usually have books, folders, and stacks of paper. With the constant miniaturization of technology parts, they can also include computers, printers, and network routers. Many have the table and other integrated work surfaces. To set up the ideal wall unit for an office, consider what is stored and displayed to achieve the ideal balance between cabinets and shelving.

There are dozens of forms of and elements used for shelving and cabinets. These elements are modular in most cases and can be rearranged if desired. In large spaces, place a separate desk a few feet out from the wall units and make the backdrop. When potential, use self-supporting units that have an extra level work cover for a built-in desk.

For an elegant and contemporary look that works well in multi-purpose spaces, use a table for the desk so that it can be used for dining and the work surface wall -unit can double as a buffet. Have fun with the color in the design of a separate wall unit configuration because the sections are portable and easy to paint. From wire mesh cubes to staircase-style mini-units of wood, plastic cabinets with wheels for reconditioned tool boxes, there is a style and configuration to fit any space and budget. Hang shelving and cabinet drawers on the roof chains, or consider using the furniture that was designed for another purpose. China dressers, for example, make good office wall units.

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