Measure And Installing Contemporary Carpet

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Stylish Contemporary Carpet

Contemporary carpet is a regular floor covering in homes all over the world. The carpet is available in many different textures, colors and durability levels. When carpeting your own home, buy a carpet and carpet padding that has similar strength levels. So when your floor needs to be replaced, you can replace both layers at the same time. The installation is not difficult, but it is hard and laborious work.


Measurement after Carpet

Draw a rough sketch of the rooms that you want the contemporary carpet. This could be the whole house, a single floor or one room at a time. Measure the length and width of each room. Round your measurements up to the nearest half foot. For example, if the length is 14 feet 3 inches, write down 14 feet 6 inches (14 1/2 feet). Mark your drawing accordingly. Multiply the length by the width of each room and record the number on your plans. Add all products (result of step 4) from each room you plan to use the same mats to get your square meter.

Install Carpet

Remove all old carpets and upholstery. Sweep the subfloor. Place a tack strip for someone who already exists. If not already thanks to the strips in place, put two strips down, side by side, around the perimeter of the wall about 8/3 inches away from the wall. Lay out your upholstery and cut with a razor blade. Glue the padding to the seams. Silver tape over the seams. Roll out the contemporary carpet until it is as flat as possible.

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