Making Contemporary Fountains With Round Pot

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Excellent Contemporary Fountains

Contemporary fountains for your home or garden is a simple project that you can quickly fill once you have assembled your material. Fountains add a relaxing quality to your home or lying with soft trickling sound of the water. You can easily make a fountain to complement the interior of your home using a round pot or plant, some stones and a fountain pump. Whether you place your fountain indoors or outdoors, soothing sounds will have a calming effect on your day.


Mount material for your contemporary fountains from your local landscape delivery store or home improvement store. The round pot or plants should be large enough to house the fountain pump and enough River Rock to camouflage it. Think about whether you want to use bamboo or any other water plant for added interest, and buy a round pot that will accommodate the extra items. Place round pot or plants wherever you plan for your water fountain to be displayed.

If your contemporary fountains will be outside, cut a small hole in a sock for the pump’s plastic tube, and then slide the sock over the pump. The sock protects the pump’s filter from outdoor debris. You don’t have to put the sock if you are doing an indoor water fountain. Seal the drain hole with plumber putty around the cord so that the round pot is waterproof. Attach the plastic hose to the pump. Fill round pot with river stones to hide the pump and give the water a place to flow. Build the stones in the volcano formation, holding plastic pipes from the fountain pump in the middle of the stones. Finish with the tip of the plastic pipe rising up from the top of the river stones.

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