Magnificent Designs For The Contemporary Flooring

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Modern Tile Floors

Contemporary Flooring – In gray, black and white with the warmth provided by the wood and the distinction of the most current design pieces. This modern apartment is cosmopolitan and avant-garde and its distribution, perfect, through communicated spaces and a terrace with views over the city. Cosmopolitan and avant-garde. This floor is pure design. A reform that takes advantage of the space, a shared common area, perfect work solutions, and an interior design often. Impossible not to fall in love with this house with views over Barcelona and the sea in the background.

The study sought the redistribution of the space (113 m2 + 20 m2 of terrace), giving prominence to the common areas – living room, dining room and kitchen – and orienting them towards the outside, through the window through which the floor communicates with the terrace. The longitudinal window is precisely a screen where views of the city are projected. The kitchen is another of the pillars of the house with a clean, warm and with office design. It also highlights the series of built-in appliances. The spaces that require more privacy – bedroom and bathroom – move inside, so that long corridors are eliminated and the distribution areas are more integrated.

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