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Coffee Tables Contemporary Design

The contemporary design, however, applies to the design closest to what is happening today, in the last 15 or 20 years at most: the design of the 21st century. In other words, although it may seem like a contradiction, contemporary style is a concept closer to ‘fashionable’ design than to modern design, from the beginning of the last century.

Contrary to modern design , where its precepts were faithfully followed in different parts of the world and assumed almost as a dogma , contemporary design depends more on the personality of its authors and does not obey universal rules such as ” less is more ” or “the form has to follow the function “. In this way, very opposed lines of action today coexist and do not contradict each other. Each designer has his or her own school of thought, which translates into very different ways of approaching the design of furniture and objects, they do not invalidate each other and the coherence of their proposal is valued.

And, nevertheless, there are topics that can be traced in the journey of all of them. Contemporary design is a plural world in constant evolution and with one foot put in the past and another in the future. From all this there are sufficient proposals for the consumer to individually decide how he wants to live.

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