Installing Contemporary Garage Doors

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Sensational Garage Doors

Contemporary garage doors made of thin sheet metal have little or no insulation value. Home with rooms above a garage, many times, has trouble controlling the room temperature. Insulated garage doors allow for heating in the winter and possibly allow the garage to overheat in summer. Additional insulation for garage doors in steel panels can add value and reduce heat losses in the home.


Find the small insulating strips in a contemporary garage doors insulation kit for end stands and center stands. Stands are unpainted vertical reinforcing metal mounts which give the garage door section its strength. Insert the end of the insulation strip into the stanchion at a diagonal. Straighten the strip while pressing it in style. Repeat until all the stands are isolated. Measure the open space between the side panels and subtract 1/16 inch for proper measurement. Using a ruler, cut the insulation from the kit to the measurement with a carpet knife.

Place the foam in the top edge of the contemporary garage doors panel at an angle. Press the foam until it fully fits into the upper groove. Lower the insulation to the door and slide it until it rests in the lower edge of the door panel. Bow plastic retains angles included in the kit and inserts each end into the upper and lower edges over the gap between insulation and style. Press the retention angle into the upper and lower strips until the angle is flat and one side is in the gap between the insulation and the support and the opposite side retains the insulation. Repeat these steps until all open door panels are insulated.

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