How To Adjust Contemporary Blinds

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Window Contemporary Blinds

Contemporary blinds can be the most conventional and popular way to equip a home with window treatments. These blinds come in a variety of colors, styles and materials to match your home decor. Blinds can be custom-made for a window, but often times they can be too wide or the length is too long for the desired space. It is possible to adjust the length and width of blinds themselves, but width adjustment is easiest for vinyl blinds. It takes some basic material to accomplish the task.


Cutting width of blinds

Reduce the width of contemporary blinds by cutting down the Valance, upper rail and slats with a bow file. Use your tape measure to take the new measurements and draw a line with a pen, where you have to trim them. Remove the small metal piece or finish stiffening from the end of the upper rail. Cut the upper rail with a bow file on the mark you made. Pressing the end of the upper rail closes with pliers, but first replaces the end stiffener where you found it.

Tie thick rubber bands around contemporary blinds and make sure the ends are aligned. Cover the ends of the slats with masking tape so that you do not damage them. Use measuring tape and mark where you need to cut them with the pen. Saw the excess amount of blind. Use a dull blade to prevent damage to the slats. Draw a line with a pencil on the coat where you need to lower it, about 1/8 inches in the window measurement for an inside mount. Make the cut slowly to avoid chipping. Slide the upper rail back into place before placing the blinds back on the wall.

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