Cute Small Contemporary House Plans

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A small contemporary house plans is cute but often difficult to develop. Lack of space to put everything, feeling of suffocation, it will be tricky! Fill up on ideas and advice with our reports in small houses but also plans to develop small rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom, through the living room and bedroom…

If you have a small area in your bathroom, you are probably wondering what the best plan to develop it is. You dry? Here are 28 plans of small bathrooms, from 1.4 m2 to 5 m2, which optimize the space to the maximum! These free plans allow you to optimize this small contemporary house plans essential space in the house by installing shower and basin. And for the luckiest of you, a bath and a toilet.

Your house is too small? You feel cramped but do not have the urge or the means to move in? Fortunately, there is an alternative: building an extension small contemporary house plans. Thanks to it, gain square meters on the garden, by arranging the basement or by raising your house. And as this approach requires some precautions, here is a summary of what you need to know before you embark on extension work!

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