Contemporary Crown Molding Ideas

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System Contemporary Crown Molding

Contemporary crown molding – Raised wall panels in a grid give a classic “library” look to any living room or study, whether it is a wainscoting design on the lower half of the wall or it goes all the way to the ceiling. Either way, it’s something you can create yourself, with a little planning. Buy enough flat 1/4-inch two and two-foot wall panels to cover your wall, along with lower and upper trim, low ring. Spot and shine the pieces before mounting them on the wall.

Prepare the Wall

Your wall must be clean, free from loose or disintegrating plaster and flat to attach any kind of contemporary crown molding or trim. If there are areas in raised plaster or cracks, scrape them out, replicate and sand to get a smooth surface. When you are satisfied with the condition of the wall, use an electronic stud finder to locate the positions of all studs on the wall, marking them with a pen as high as panels will extend. Then use a level to draw a grid of two-foot squares across the area.

Add Base Panel

Attach your two-foot flat contemporary crown molding with trim nails and carpenter’s glue along the grid that you drew. You do not need to penetrate a wall stud with each nail, but each panel should have at least one pair of nails through a stud. (Because studs are located every 16 inches, there will be at least one behind each panel.) For nails that do not enter the stud, strike them at an angle to make sure they are holding. Sink all your nail heads with a recess. Create your entire grid with flat screens, let the glue sit overnight.

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