Building Contemporary Reception Desk

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Simple Contemporary Reception Desk

Contemporary reception desk – The main features that distinguish a reception from a desk are attractiveness and privacy. The reception is the first potential customer sees when they enter the office, and therefore cannot be the utilitarian plate that many of us work on. It must also hide any work the receptionist does, because even a good-looking person at work may look like a disorganized mess. This is a fairly complex project with a low margin for errors. Take it only if you are quite experienced in joinery.


Cut your work to the necessary contemporary reception desk dimensions with your chainsaw. Do this by pulling a line over the wood a distance from one end equal to the length you need for the piece of wood to be. Start the chain saw and move the blade along the line you drew. Draw lines on your plaster to fit the dimensions you need. Cut the surface of the plaster by inserting the blade and running it along the lines you drew. If the blade does not go all the way through plaster, you can break it by bending it along the incision instead of making a second incision.

Sand all surfaces of planks with coarse sandpaper. Sand a second time with fine sandpaper on one side and all edges on both planks. Paint ground surfaces on both planks. Make your brush strokes run parallel to the direction of the wood fibers, brushing in only one direction. The contemporary reception desk should rest on their narrow sides. Nail them in place with two framing nails per joint; drive them through the face of the longer beam and into the end of the shorter beam.

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