Beautiful Contemporary Quilt Patterns You Need To See

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Boys Contemporary Quilt Patterns

The fastest way to a contemporary quilt patterns is to leave the repeating geometrical patterns behind us. Our quilts are narrative. We seek inspiration in a personal story or something in nature that touches us. A flower or a tree. We prefer to process this in a figurative manner, whether or not it is somewhat abstract. But that does not work!

Learn to create beautiful, vibrant patchwork and quilt creations both by hand and with the sewing machine, and enhance your wardrobe and interior with unique accessories in sensational colors!  In this colorful book you will find in addition to a wealth of practical information about contemporary quilt patterns, twenty quirky designs that you can easily create yourself.

First you will get an introduction to the basic techniques, such as working with patterns and strips on the longitudinal or transverse thread, and more advanced methods, such as free-hand machine quilting with a stop foot and making biaxial edges for the finish. After that it is high time to get creative yourself! Be inspired by the special game with colors, techniques and unexpected palettes of the projects in this book and sew a contemporary quilt patterns for the bed or the wall, an original baby quilt, nice pillows, a handy bag, trendy coasters or a beautiful scarf.

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